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Posted by sayyeswed on 06:47 PM, 08-Apr-13

Writing your wedding vows can be tough and scary to do, especially if writing isn't your forte. 

No need to fear though, follow these simple tips and you will have wedding vows perfected in no time. I must give credit to -- for giving me these fabulous ideas to write my blog. Without their site, I would have nothing. 

First of all, before you start breaking your head brainstorming for wedding vows you might want to make sure that your location for your ceremony allows for you to read your own vows. 

There are certain places that don't allow the couple's to read their own vows, because they have pre-written religious vows that must be followed. 

So, if you're wedding location allows you to have your own vows, it is time to start writing. 

One important thing for you to keep in mind is to start EARLY. Time flies, trust me, and in order to have perfected vows you need to write them with time, not the night before. 

So begin writing with enough time, and have a close friend proof read them. Remember when we write our own stuff sometimes we don't see things other eyes can see. 

Next, you want to make sure to keep your vows short. Remember these are going to be read in the middle of your ceremony. 

The last thing you want is long vows that have no end and bore your guests. 

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Moving on, make sure to talk with your partner as to how you are both going to write your vows. You want the vows to be similar in length and pattern.